Richard Donner’s death is grieved by Hollywood

Richard Donner
Image: The Indian Express

Richard Donner, director of Hollywood and producer, took his last snack on 5 July at the age of 91. He confirmed the news to an American website, both his wife and the representatives of his production company. Although his family did not reveal the cause of his death yet, Hollywood certainly was shocked and heartbroken by the news of his sudden disappearance.

Donner was thanked for his encouragement by Zack Snyder, who was known for his work as ‘Batman Vs Superman’,’ ‘Man Of Steel’ and ‘Zack Snyder‘s Justice League.’ He has written on his Twitter account, “Richard Donner, thank you. Thank you. You gave me faith.’

Together, director Scott Derrickson revealed how the notorious evil smile came into being in sharing a story from “The omen” – considered one of Doner’s fines. On your Twitter account, he shared, “Richard Donner told his child actor for this last shot of The Omen to look back on the camera as he was angry, and Donner started joking when he did: “Do not smile! Don’t smile!” Don’t smile! And so we have one of the big evil smiles in the movie history.”

In his statement on the webpage that originally broke the story of his death, Director Steven Spielberg who wrote the story for ‘The Goonies’ recalled Donner. He said, “Dick was so strong in commanding his movies, and in so many genres he was so gifted. Being in his circle seemed to like having a coach, the intelligent professor, the fiercest motivator, the loving friend, the firmest ally and, certainly, the greatest Goonie of all,” said Spielberg. “Everything was a kid. Every heart. Every heart. Every day. But his husky, heartbroken laugh will stay with me forever.” I can’t believe he has gone.

Other famous individuals such as Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone and Edgar Wright have expressed their sorrow for his loss by various media.